CDM 2015

Health and Safety Information for Domestic Clients - what you need to know and what you should do

Health & Safety and your project

We take our health and safety responsibilities very seriously. Part of that is concerned with ensuring that you, the domestic client, understand your health and safety responsibilities. It is a legal duty of everyone involved with the project to pay careful attention to health and safety regulations. The main regulations we would like to inform you about are the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (or CDM for short).

Many home owners believe that Health and Safety regulations are just for large construction projects, this is wrong. No matter how small the works are Health and Safety is of huge importance and you should know, since April 2015, appointed Contractors should have an understanding of CDM 2015 and show their ability to implement CDM 2015 policies.

What is CDM 2015?

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (or CDM for short) are the main set of regulations for managing the health, safety and welfare of construction project, whatever the size!. The aim is for health and safety considerations to be treated as a normal part of your project’s development, not an afterthought or bolt-on extra.

Everyone involved with a construction project (including domestic clients) has to comply with CDM regulations. The regulations apply to all building and construction projects, regardless of the size, duration and nature of the work.

When you select and appoint your Builder they must be able to demonstrate they can deliver the project for you in a way that secures health and safety. This means they should have the necessary blend of skills, knowledge, training and experience.

Who is a domestic client?

A domestic client is someone who has construction work carried out on their own home, or the home of a family member and which is not carried out in connection with a business.

Under Health and Safety law you, as a domestic client, have certain duties that must be carried out.

What are my duties as a domestic client?

The duties of the client are to ensure suitable arrangements for managing the health and safety of a project are in place and that it is maintained and reviewed for its duration so that it is carried out in a way that manages the health and safety risks involved.

As a domestic client however your responsibilities pass to other duty holder/s if you so wish. This will be County Garage Conversions Ltd as A Principal Contractor if you choose to appoint County Garage Conversions Ltd.

This appointment, in writing, must be made as soon as is practicable, and in any event, before the construction phase begins.

The main duties that are to be carried out by County Garage Conversions Ltd are,

· As a Principal Contractor Ensure that there are suitable arrangements for overseeing the project, to include sufficient time and money for health and safety risks to be managed.

· Have in place a clearly defined system for managing the project

· Ensure that the work is carried out in such a way that risks to the health and safety of anyone working on the project are either eliminated or reduced to the lowest reasonably practicable level and to protect the General Public and you and your Family.

· Provide welfare facilities such as toilets, hot and cold water, and a means of heating food.

· Fencing off the skip and storage area protecting you the Client and the general public.

Dealing with Asbestos

If you know you have Asbestos in your garage we urge you to speak with us first.

We have a full service to deal with Asbestos this includes

Testing to establish what type of Asbestos it is

Report of Asbestos showing where other Asbestos may within your home

Arranging a professional Licensed asbestos Company to safely remove the material.