Check out the full costs before employing an Architect

We are very often asked to visit a  Client that have appointed an Architect and undertaken a home owner planning application for a garage conversion. In the real world that’s probably a good move, seeking professional advice. However, increasingly we are seeing approved applications that the Architects have given advise to the Client as to costs, typically –“What’s your Budget – Yes that should be fine” and win the planning work and send their invoice in. We have recently been on site visits and been told “the Architect told me it would be about £12,000” Lets get this clear, Architects design, they do not price building work – fact. Quantity surveyors calculate material costs and builders quote for the works. The £12,000 garage Conversion is actually £18,000. The Client could not afford this, and so wasted some £1,200 on Architects fees. Use a full service Company such as ourselves that can give you accurate pricing before committing to Architectural fees. It makes sense.

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