When extensions don’t always make sense

Most Clients we meet want more space, it’s an obvious statement but every house has a price ceiling when you want to sell your home. Just because you spent a £100,000 on an extension does not necessarily mean you get that money back and more. OK that’s fine if you intend to stay for a long time, in fact it may be the last home you will own, never to move again. However with a wrap around single storey extension fast approaching £150,000 you need to question if you will make this money back if you come to sell. It’s not that it’s not worth the money it’s the fact that certain properties in certain locations will never sell due to been over the ceiling for the area. Her is an example, a house in a certain Reading area had over £180,000 spent on improvements and was to be sold with an asking price of £900,000 – No one spends that much on a property in that area when a 4 bedroom sells at £700,000. They would look elsewhere with nearly a million to spend.

Our conversions are not only affordable, but represent probably one of the best returnable investments you could make on creating living working and entertaining space.

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