Why every business Needs a Sharon

When we first started out in business it was a major policy decision to create the best in communications with our Clients, a tall order in the Construction industry with Builders assuming that their Clients are expert Builders themselves and telling Clients just leave it to us.

It was Sharons responsibility to create a bridge of communication with our Crew on site and our Clients. Ask a question and you get a sensible reply. So from this base starting point, Sharon started to educate our crew on best Client communication and why.  Some years on we introduced a Building Manager to the team a part hands-on crew member but totally responsible for Client interfacing and communication, still with Sharons office back up, and still further down the line creating simple Whatsapp groups for our Clients and our crew.

If anyone was to ask  me why Builders are some of the most complained about trades, we would always say poor communication. We take time to meet with our Clients when the project is on-going and explain what we are doing, why and when, and finally meet with them to hand over the Works. It’s not difficult, it’s just some providers can’t be bothered. Just look at some of the reviews we have received.

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